Titanium, also known as Cosmic Black, is a granite quarried in Minas Gerais, a large inland state in southeastern Brazil. Compact in structure, with quartzy veins and boulders ripping through it like ominous clouds in the night sky, it’s often accompanied with ripples and rivers of buttery cream and caramel gold. This is the stone to pick if you are looking for a strong and dramatic look.


Ideal for interior residential and commercial use, Titanium can be fabricated in many ways; from kitchen, bathroom, and bar tops, to fireplace surrounds, wall cladding, flooring, and much more. Often, it is used in a polished finish, to really bring out its “Wow!” factor, but can also be found in honed or textured finishes, such as, brushed or leathered, to tone it down and give it an earthier, more subtle appeal.

Although its absorption rate is pretty low, MMG recommends sealing Titanium to protect it, to make it more resistant to stains and easier to maintain, and to ensure your stone is always looking its finest!

To see slabs of Titanium or others like it, come in today or make an appointment; your MMG representative is ready to help you find the perfect stone for you!