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Marble is a metamorphic, crystalline rock made primarily of calcite, dolomite, or serpentine. It is sophisticated in appearance, with elegant colors and patterns. It historically enriches decor and is a nice surface from which to work. Marble is softer than granite and may likely scratch, etch, and stain.  If using marble we recommend you use our Dry Treat superior cleaners and sealers for protection from staining and easier cleanability. Marble is an elegant stone. Perfect for Home Chefs and Bakers, because of its cool, smooth feel.

  • Pros: elegant and traditional appearance; withstands heat; holds its cool temperature.
  • Cons: softer stone so can scratch; contains calcium and will etch with harsh or acidic foods or products; can stain

Marble Examples

Imperial Danby

Bianco Striato

Verde Antique

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