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Stone Products

MMG offers an impressive selection of Natural Stone, Quartz and other counterop options.  Granite, quartz, marble, sintered products, limestone, soapstone, slate, large format tile, solid surface, laminate or even recycled materials are options we have available. Add to that, your preference in edge profiles, to give just the right finishing touch.
MMG carries a variety of in-house stock granite colors. Click here to view our selection. We also carry select marble colors.  Please stop in to discuss your project needs and pick out your slab!

Milwaukee Marble and Granite

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Stone Care

Caring for your natural stone is not as involved as many may believe. Prevention is the key. To maintain the beauty and shine of natural stone for years to come, we suggest a few regular care techniques.

All natural stone care:

  • Use a dry, untreated dust mop over flooring regularly.
  • Wash stone occasionally with clean water and neutral, soap-free cleansers. Always avoid harsh, abrasive cleansers.
  • Keep a small rug or mat near entryways to capture dirt from normal foot traffic. This will reduce wearing of the stone’s finish.
  • Do not allow spills to remain for long periods of time on countertops or flooring
  • If opting to apply an impregnator or topical sealer in food preparation areas, ensure it is nontoxic and always follow the manufacturer’s directions.

Because marble is a more delicate natural stone, we suggest a few additional care practices.

  • Place coasters under glasses, especially those containing alcohol or citric juices.
  • Keep hot plates under heated dishes and placemats or felt bottoms under china, ceramics, silver and furniture to prevent scratching.
  • Immediately wipe up any spills and clean with mild soapy water. Marble can be easily stained by acid foods and drink such as coffee, wine, fruit and tomato sauce.
  • Do not use acidic chemicals or cleansers on marble, limestone or travertine.

We maintain a selection of natural stone cleaners and sealers in our showroom. It is part of our commitment to our customers to ensure they understand the proper maintenance techniques to care for their beautiful natural stone.