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Granite is naturally occuring igneous rock primarily made of fledspar, quartz, mica and amphiboles.

Aesthetically, granite is one of the finest materials available and has many options in color and patterns.. Granite has an illustrious history of being used as one of the best building materials not only due to the quality of the stone, but also for it's rich colors and patterns. The only natural material harder or  is diamond.  Granite is durable; it is resistent to heat, scratches and stains. Granite does not harbor bacteria.  Some might say a downfall to granite is the need to reseal it. With MMG this is not a problem since we have a sealer available which has a lifetime guarantee.

Pros: elegant, strong, durable, stain ressistent, heat resistent, wide array of color options, gorgeous patterns.

Cons:  May need to be re-sealed if MMG's lifetime guaranteed sealer is not used prior to installation.

MMG carries a variety of in-house stock granite colors. Click here to view our selection.

We also carry select marble colors.  Please stop in to discuss your project needs and pick out your slab!