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Quartz is an engineered (man-made) stone.  Quartz is a type of mineral, but when Quartz is mentioned for counterotps this refers to the enginnered prodcut made from quartz and resin. 

Quartz  is very durable and comes in a wide array of colors and patterns.  Since Quartz is engineered it often has a uniform appearance.  Quartz, like granite, is heat and stain resistant.


Pros: uniform coloring and patterns; durable/scratch resistant; stain resistant, no need to seal

Cons: lacks variation of natural stone; not all types are heat resistent; not recommended for outdoor applications or areas with heavy sun/UV exposure


MMG carries and works with many lines of Quartz including, but not limited to Caesarstone, Difiniti, Colorquartz, Cambria, Hanstone, Silestone,  Viatera, and Zodiaq.